Nexans to showcase latest cabling innovations for the aerospace industry at the 53rd International Paris Air Show 2019

At this year’s Paris Air Show Nexans will be showcasing its full range of power, hybrid and data cables as well as advanced cable services for aircraft OEMs.

Paris La Défense, June 17, 2019 – Tougher competition, regulatory pressures and the quest for profitability are boosting the ever-growing need for lighter, more energy-efficient aircraft across the whole aerospace spectrum. There’s also an increasing appetite for new-gen fly-by-wire systems, largely related to hybrid or electrical propulsion. These are some of the latest trends identified by global cable manufactur er Nexans in a new whitepaper to be released at the Paris Air Show 2019. 

As a key player in the aerospace market, Nexans will present its full range of power, hybrid and data cables at this world event. The group will also showcase a portfolio of advanced cable services and solutions designed to deliver operational and financial value across the entire value chain. 

Industrial OEMs and suppliers of systems, subsystems and components play a critical role in commercial, military and cargo transport aviation worldwide. To support these OEMs and their first-tier customers, Nexans provides solutions tailored to their needs, adding value to products and facilitating new approvals in keeping with national and world standards in Europe, America and Asia. 

In order to match the increasing demand in quality, safety and reliability, OEMs need a wide range of cable solutions that are fully compliant with national and world standards, including: 

  • Lighter, smaller, and more reliable wires and cables
  • Abrasion-, arc track-, fire-, and fluid-resistance and low maintenance
  • Customised solutions and support for complex and advanced designs
  • In-house expertise, consulting and dedicated client teams 

Nexans offers advanced support services and solutions including: 

Supply chain and operations services
Nexans offers customers technologies and systems that allow them to optimize and streamline  supply chain operations. This is particularly important as demand grows, since aircraft production must be maintained at a very high level. 

Adding technology content, such as RFID and IoT capabilities, to its products allows Nexans to monitor the supply chain closely, and even manage it on the clients’ behalf. This means high supply chain reliability while reducing working capital costs throughout the chain. 

Engineering services 
Nexans can help customers optimize engineering for design of machines and system components needed for any type of aircraft. They’ve been providing re-engineering services for many years in other areas, such as for cruise ships, rolling stock and wind turbines, and have now made these available for aerospace. 

“Our mission is to help aircraft manufacturers optimize their cabling architecture and – beyond cables – help them effectively manage their supply chain thanks to Nexans’ advanced logistics and operations services,” commented Olivier Pinto, Services and Solutions Director at Nexans. 

Frederic Schull, Global product manager aerospace & defense at Nexans, added: “To help our clients face the evolving landscape of their markets and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges, Nexans seeks to build strong partnerships with its customers and to accompany them in the field. By building on our skills and experience, we defy established habits, proposing differentiating innovations that optimise or simplify day-to-day business operations of our customers.”