Nexans Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Nexans Code of ethicsWhile operating in many different countries, Nexans Group shares and uphold the same core values in the way it conducts its businesses around the world, with the highest levels and standards of safety, integrity, respect and value of the environment and of the people, customers, business partners and all our stakeholders.
Over the past years, in an ever more complex, fast-changing and highly regulated global business we operate in, we have reinforced our policies and processes in governance, ethics and compliance. Our commitment to excellence and integrity in the way we conduct our businesses is indispensable to secure Nexans’ success and sustainable growth. Irrespective of our activity or our position in the Group, it is not only what we do – but how we do it – that wins the trust of our colleagues, customers, partners and all our stakeholders.
Nexans Code of Ethics and Business Conduct must be our guide and reference for applying our ethical standards and core values. This guide and its proper and effective implementation is also a reference for our client’s choice.
Compliance with the Nexans Code of Ethics is everyone’s responsibility and interest and there will be no tolerance for any violation. If you have any doubt or questions about what constitutes appropriate conduct, promptly discuss the issue with your manager or one of the contacts made available to you within the Group prior to acting.
You can count on me and the Management Board as we count on each of you to comply with this Code, to share and communicate our ethical rules and commitments which underpin Nexans’ reputation and success.

Arnaud Poupart-Lafarge
Chief Executive Officer