Cost-efficient automotive cabling


  • environmentally-friendly solutions at all levels
  • Smallerlighter cables
  • flexible cables with high electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Halogen-freefire-retardant cables : safer and easier recycling, meeting new ecological norms


  • copper-clad steel or aluminum cables and new alloys help to reduce costs
  • higher temperature insulations allow smaller, optimized cross-sections
  • small diameters can now move from 0.5 mm2 to 0.22 mm2
  • cross-linked insulations also achieve important savings

Emerging zones

  • in addition to Western Europe  we deliver or manufacture nearly anywhere in the world: North AfricaEastern Europe and Asia 

Expertise in metallurgy

  • integrated metallurgical supply chain
  • processing of some 600,000 metric tons of copper and 200,000 tons of aluminium yearly