Your business environment

Data Centres

Data center Nexans has a complete set of propositions that address the growing demands on the data centre.

We have developed advanced solutions that meet these challenges and provide flexibility, control and investment protection for your business.

Our high-density fibre panels solve the problems associated with capacity growth.
Our intelligent management software enables you to monitor network performance
with precision and ensure the data centre is always efficient and secure.

Whatever you need to do with your data centre, Nexans has the technology
and the solutions to help you achieve your aims.


Modern airports require multiple network applications and are often required to meet rigid government specifications. Critical terminal functions rely on fast communications.

Nexans offers a wide range of solutions to meet these and other demands from passive cabling infrastructures to intelligent infrastructure management.


IndustrialIn industrial and harsh environments, it is vitally important reliable communication networks support production processes. Dust, liquid ingress, contacts to chemicals or EMC, NEXANS has the technology and solutions to ensure your network keeps going.

We can help you to deploy structured cabling systems to support the newest LAN technologies as well as Industrial Ethernet and bring them into exposed and harsh areas.

NEXANS LAN Industry is built to meet the stringent standards, transmission needs and environmental requirements of IT and automation solutions.

Maritime LAN

ShipbuildingData communication is nowadays reaching all areas of vessels with requirements for fire performance, electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and ease of installation.

We developed advanced cabling solutions with the appropriate technical behaviours that are reliable and meet needs for a considerable time into future.

The Nexans Maritime cabling systems is compliant to the appropriate standards and has been certified by several independent laboratories. A strong emphasis has been put on fire behavior and quality of transmission.


EducationNexans understands the diverse and very specific needs of education at all levels.

We can help you identify your priorities and focus your investment, and our solutions
are tailored to deliver clear benefits and the very best value.

Our robust Cat-6 and Cat-7 and fibre optic solutions are ideal for campus environments, and Nexans’ unique, easy-to-install connectors and panels keep installation and maintenance costs low.

Flexible, standards-based and technically excellent, for educational establishments everywhere there is no better choice of cabling solution than Nexans.


FinanceFast reliable communication is vital for the financial services sector.

Maximum network availability and information throughput is guaranteed by selecting
an end-to-end solution from Nexans.

They will comfortably support high-speed data rates and provide support for network
security and intrusion detection.

Be it for headquarters, data centre, trading floor or branch outlets, Nexans has the technology and solutions to enable high performance and flexibility in every part of your organisation.


gouvernmentIn governmental organizations good quality solutions at a fair price are imperative.

We can help you to rollout multi-site projects and deploy LAN cabling infrastructures within tightly planned schedules.

Our broad range includes products to ensure environmental safety and data security. In addition we can provide intelligent management to detect unauthorized usage and provide centralized network control.

Whatever requirements are important to you, NEXANS, market leader in cabling systems, and its well-trained installation partners take care networks that are built for long lifetime and guaranteed free from interruptions.



HospitalIn hospitals different network intensive systems are required, from bandwidth intensive MRI scanners, sensitive electronic patient data traffic to widespread security systems.

We can help you to deploy cabling infrastructures to meet your demands and ensure efficient operations.

Our robust copper, fibre optic and wireless solutions offer flexibility and simplify moves, adds and changes. IT applications can safely use the same infrastructure with other services.

For every combination of applications; Nexans has the technology and solutions to enable high performance and flexibility in a secured way.


hotelHotel guests today expect more. Reliable, secure, high-speed wireless communications and web access are essential. In addition modern hotels face increasing complexity of different applications.

Nexans solutions can boost your business efficiency by simplifying your physical network and managing it more effectively.

They are designed to make it easy for you to combine and manage guest services in addition to hotel management and administration over a unified IP infrastructure.

Flexible, affordable and with a guarantee of quality, Nexans cabling solutions ensure you can exceed expectations.


retailRetail communication requirements are on the increase.  Efficiency improvements to track sales and speed up PoS transactions requires high quality LAN cabling.

Nexans can help you to identify the right type of infrastructure to meet the different needs of your headquarters, data centre, warehouse and stores. High performance and low maintenance cost are ensured.

Our cabling and monitoring solutions offer the flexibility to make changes and deploy new technologies such as converged IP networks, including security cameras.

Reliable, affordable and with a guarantee on quality, a Nexans network positions you to compete for the long term.