Nexans solutions

Apart from handling astronomical amounts of operational data and communications, LANs now face new developments, like High Definition Multimedia Interface and “Cloud” Computing. Migration has already moved from one gigabit to 10G and the new benchmark is 40G, with 100G on the horizon. Operators want 100% uptime, high security, lower costs and a “green” data offering.

Data Centers and Storage Area Networks (SANs)

Lan solution
Nexans advanced copper and fiber solutions cover every aspect of LANs infrastructure, from racks, cabinets, patch panels and connectivity to the latest cable designs.

Our Category 6A copper cabling has already become the newest paradigm for large corporations, financial institutions and data centers, while 7A allows next-generation Ethernet to advance to 40 Gbps and beyond.

Since our shielded copper cables are less affected by external interference, they require less noise cancellation, less cooling and thus less energy. Nexans optical fiber cables also provide easy upgrades to 40G and 100G. Our patching systems have the highest density in the business, meaning important space savings.

However, Nexans offers more than just a LAN. The system is revolutionary because it is both backward compatible with conventional connectivity, and future-proof since we enable our customers to migrate upwards without network disruption, providing peace of mind for years to come.

To ensure 100% uptime and operational continuity, Nexans also offers LANsense Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) to keep costs down and lower capital expenditure by automatically mapping, locating, reporting and alerting on any network event. This solution also monitors moves or unauthorized connects, records the power consumption of servers and equipment, and detects realtime changes in temperature, humidity, and operational conditions. Data centers today account for about 10–20% of the cabling market, but this figure will soon rise to 30%.

Security services

Given ongoing industrial espionage and the threat of terrorist attacks, security has become a new priority issue for many organizations and businesses.

That is why Nexans has focused on new IT solutions, like Video-Over-IP and enhanced LAN/WAN/MAN capabilities for corporate offices, banks, airports and high-security environments. Instead of a parallel network of coaxial cameras, surveillance and response resources are now being merged on LAN systems combining voice, data and video.

Nexans provides complete copper and optical fiber end-to-end solutions which incorporate multiple, high-resolution digital cameras at drop points covering a wide surveillance area (e.g. naval shipyard or multimodal cargo hub). The security systems market is expected to grow by 15% yearly.