Our strategy

A vision for the future

Because we believe in the future, a marketing reflection has been committed.
Listening to our customers and anticipating the market trends allowed us to identify axes of the strategic plan.

 Nexans has defined the three guidelines on which it will base its action on and develop its medium term corporate culture. These three guidelines that will support the development of Nexans Morocco, both locally and on its economic expansion in Africa, are as follows:

1. Building sustainable profitability, by anticipating developments in our markets, continuing the optimization of operational and structure costs, investing to offer our customers solutions and services that will enable us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

2. To develop levers of growth, by advocating and developing investment on the increasing market segments as the automotive activity and promoting trade with the countries of Nexans Morocco commercial zone. Developed on a 3 years marketing plan, with the support of the Group and its historic partners as Areva T & D and Exide, Nexans Morocco is determined to be a leader in a fast changing environment. Nexans will focus on these markets, encourage investment and enhance its innovation capacity. The aim is to focus on both markets on which Nexans is already in a strong position, such as network cables, accessories, and markets where the company has assets to grow, such as car cables, building cables and prefabricated substations…

3. Increasing the attractiveness of Nexans to its customers and its employees through innovation, training activities and active management of human resources and competencies.


A number of priority projects have been identified to support each of our strategic priorities:
• Nexans will continue the modernization of its facilities and the costs improvement,
• Continue the animation program of our local market with the help of our customers,
• Develop our export activity through customer loyalty, establishing partnerships and the external growth.
• Support the growth of Morocco by the integration of new products using new technologies. After the automotive industry, Nexans will produce cables for the aeronautic industry.

Our commitments

Global leader in the cable industry, our Group is committed on a daily basis for sustainable economic development. Whether in the economic, social or environmental field, Nexans has set up a number of concrete, clear and effective actions to serve its customers, its shareholders, employees and the environment. Thanks to its dynamism, its purchases optimizing its targeted disposals and acquisitions policies, our group builds a sustainable profitability for its shareholders. Nexans assists its clients in their medium and long term projects with tailor-made solutions; it anticipates their needs and conducts Research and Development programs in touch with the technological evolution and the markets. Our Group develops the skills of its staff, encourages its creativity and stimulates its business performance while reinforcing its commitment to the company. Finally, Nexans is participating in civic life and respect of the environment. Through a system of regular and effective audit, our Group meets throughout the more advanced world quality standards.

toward our shareholders and our customers
Objective: to build sustainable profitability
Actions: sustained investment, cost optimisation
Objective: to develop levers of growth
Actions: added-value products and services, a customer driver R&D policy,
Objective: To better meet the needs of customers
Actions: tailor-made solutions, privileged and long-term relations

Toward our staff Objective:
To reinforce the attractiveness of the company
Actions: an attractive remuneration policy, recognition of performance
Objective: To promote social dialogue
Actions: clear and transparent communication with employees,
Objective: to develop skills and competencies
Actions: targeted training, sharing “best practices "

Toward our environment Objective:
clean production and recycling
Actions: regular environmental audits
Objective: To measure and certify
Actions: monitoring the impact of our productions, an internal label quality EHP
Objective: an environmental R & D
Actions: removal of toxic components in the wires, N +cables.